Finding The Best Part D Plan

(Every Year!)

The way to find the best Part D plan for you annually is to enter all of your medications, your zip code and your preferred pharmacy into the’s plan finder.


Click on the "" button below to access plan finder.

After you have input your information, be sure to sort the plans by “lowest retail cost for the year”.  That’s how we do the choosing.


Super important: don’t worry about what plan your neighbor says works well, don’t choose the plan that has no deductible, etc. Choose your plan based on your medications and your zip code.  And, based on your preferred pharmacy.  Simple enough.

If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, make sure you head over to our section about MA plans and Part D. Your enrollment process is going to be different than individuals who have Medigap and a stand-alone prescription drug plan (part D)

How to Navigate the Plan Finder

This video will give you step-by-step instructions regarding finding the best drug coverage for yourself using the plan finder.


It is very important to do this every year in the fall since Part D plans change their prescription formulary EVERY year.


These formulary changes can have a large impact on how much your medications will cost you during the following year.


Refer to the section below for a more detailed description of exactly what a drug formulary is, and how it can impact your costs. 

What is a Prescription Formulary?

What is a drug formulary and why is it important for you to know what they are?


A prescription formulary is essentially a guide for finding what medications are covered by a Part D insurance company.


The formulary also shows what YOU will pay for medications when you get them filled through the mail or at the pharmacy.


The video on the left will go into more detail about how to decipher formularies. 


The two buttons below will show you the formularies for popular Part D plans available on the market.


Again, please remember that these are subject to change every year (and even during the year) so please review your drug coverage every fall!... Even if the medications you take haven't changed.