How Much Does Your Service Cost?

Our consultations and assistance will cost you nothing.  


We are compensated by insurance carriers when we place Medigap, Medicare Advantage and drug plans for you. It's important to note here that if you went to a particular carrier directly, your monthly premium would be the same but you would lose the services of the agent (us).


We are also compensated for ancillary products such as dental, vision, hearing and cancer and home health care plans.

And, finally, Giardini Medicare may be compensated via speaking fees from various financial organizations in the U.S.

Some Medicare companies choose to charge consulting fees ranging from $100 - $1,200 per person (that we've seen) for their consulting services. We just don't believe that you need to pay for guidance. That's an agents job. 

Sometimes we know that clients might think that we put particular business with one carrier over the other potentially for commission sake. You'll find us to be pretty transparent about how and what we are paid. (Call Joanne directly and she'll share all of the information you'd like - which means a talk about commissions! She's happy to share)

Medicare is a tough industry. Tough on you, the consumer. We know that you are solicited, hounded, misguided in cases and more. We joke that we try and provide you with so much education and value that YOU will be the ones hounding US. We're here to coach you through the steps and guide you along.


So, we work hard every day to do the opposite of other firms that you may encounter.