Part D and Medigap

  • A prescription drug plan (PDP) is paired with your Medigap contract. Though PDP’s are technically “optional”, we recommend that 100% of people purchase a PDP with their Medigap policies. This allows you to avoid the famous Part D penalty that we will cover in detail in other sections of The Vault.

  • PDP monthly premiums vary by plan across the country. The average Part D premium nationwide for 2019 is $32.50/month

  • In addition to the monthly premium, Part D enrollees with higher incomes will pay an income-related premium surcharge (IRMAA).

  • The best PDP for you is determined by looking at your zip code, the medications you take and the pharmacy you prefer to work with.

Changing Part D with Medigap

When you pair your Part D drug plan with a Medigap contract, every year during the Annual Election Period you have the ability to change Part D carriers. 


We recommend reviewing your plan annually.


Carriers change their drug formularies (i.e. what is covered), they change their preferred pharmacy arrangements, they change their pricing, etc.  You also may have changed your medications.


Do not assume that because your plan worked well in the last calendar year that it will remain the best plan for you in the following year.


We teach you how to look at this annually or do this for you as you contact our advisors. 


This is done annually during the Annual Election Period from October 15 until December 7.


Please refer to the section "finding the best Part D plan" for a detailed video showing you how to use to find the best Part D plan for you.