Short Term Care

We consistently discuss the fact that Medicare does NOT cover long-term care (note that we do not sell any form of long term care products)


Long term care is a very important conversation that every person/family should have with a financial professional of their choosing.


But what does that mean for short term stays at skilled nursing facilities or home health care? Glad you asked!


This section will answer that very question. 

What is Short Term Care Insurance?

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Short term care is a unique product that allows you to purchase $300 a day in ‘care dollars’ for up to 365 days.

How Short Term Care Works with Medicare

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We find the many people would like to have benefits that are payable to them that can supplement your Medicare coverage. 


For example, if you have both Original Medicare and Medigap ---> together they will pay up to 100 days of skilled nursing charges.


They will NOT pay for custodial (cleaning, cooking, driving, etc.) care. 


Should you purchase a short-term care policy, you may use those benefits (i.e. cash) for those services if desired.

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