The 64.5 Year Old Conversation

Why is it so important to start learning at age 64.5?  (listen to clip above)


Simply because you can avoid a whole bunch of problems that come with doing the WRONG things related to Medicare at age 65. 


Here’s a short list of things that can go wrong.


  • You’re still working and funding your Health Savings Account but signed up for Part A (a no-no in Medicare-land);

  • Your group employer plan does not have creditable Part D coverage (you’ll get a penalty later);

  • You work for a small group with less than 20 employees and didn’t enroll into Part B (you can have major coverage issues);

  • You took Cobra coverage at age 66, for example, as you retired but didn’t sign up for Part B because you “have work coverage” (wrong move, you can have major lack of coverage issues).

Starting early can, obviously, help you avoid doing the wrong things.

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The Message Can't Be Delivered Enough!

Since we can't reinforce the message (start your learning curve early) enough... Here's a short

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