The Donut Hole

Ahh the famous donut hole... how could something so delicious cause so much anguish for Medicare enrollees?


We get questions from Medicare beneficiaries that take zero medications and they'll ask us "what about the donut hole?".  Complete confusion everywhere.

If you have to worry about the donut hole it means that you are on pricey prescription medications. 

Now you may have heard and asked "isn't the donut hole closing? I thought I was done worrying about this...". Well, unfortunately it just isn't as simple as it sounds.


We would rephrase the "donut hole closing" into the "donut hole is getting smaller".


This still means that Medicare enrollees with expensive medications will likely see their medications increase in price at some point throughout the year.


Watch our detailed video if you want to "fully" understand how the donut hole may affect you in 2019.