The Part D Penalty

That's right! There is also a Part D late enrollment penalty to compliment the famous Part B penalty. That's the bad news. The good news is that we can help you avoid it!

First, let us talk briefly about exactly how much the Part D penalty costs (the button below will also give you a technical breakdown of the Part D penalty). 

How do I avoid being penalized?

Avoiding the Part D penalty is fairly straight-forward.


You need to make sure that from the ages of 65+ that you have "credible drug coverage".


What exactly is "credible coverage"? Simply put, credible coverage means that means "the coverage is expected to pay on average as much as the standard Medicare prescription drug coverage".


For a list of coverages that are typically considered "credible" just check out the section below.

The moral of the story is to make sure you have some form of prescription coverage at ALL times!...


And, yes, that means even if you don't take any medications. There are lower-cost options that will provide credible drug coverage for individuals that are lucky enough to not require any prescription medications.