What is Original Medicare?

Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B are often referred to as Original Medicare.


Since 1965, Original Medicare has been managed by the federal government and provides Medicare eligible individuals with coverage for access to doctors, hospitals or other health care providers who accept Medicare.

Medicare generally covers 80% of the Medicare-approved amount for care. *Note that there is no maximum out of pocket "cap" to the Medicare health insurance system.

What Medicare Covers

Medicare consists of two parts:  Part A and Part B. 


Depending on which part(s) you are enrolled into, you will receive coverage for hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, physician services, medical procedures and more.

You can be enrolled into Part A without enrolling into Part B. And, technically, you can be enrolled into Part B without Part A (rarely seen).


Always check with our advisors to determine if you should be enrolling into Part B.

Medicare typically covers what are considered "medically necessary" procedures and tests. If you have a specific question on which procedures may be covered, click on the two buttons below to find a detailed list.

Link to download the Medicare app!

What Medicare does NOT Cover

Medicare does a rather poor job of handling routine dental, vision and hearing in terms of coverage. 


Medicare was born in 1965 and was not designed for the teeth, eyes and ears of today's 93 year-olds! It hasn’t adjusted in terms of coverage and therefore this is one area you may find that you are spending quite a bit more money than you would had anticipated. 


NOTE: Basic dental, vision and hearing coverage may be found in some Medicare Advantage plans.


Please talk to our advisors about other solutions if you remain in Original Medicare and add a Medigap contract. You may purchase additional dental/vision/hearing plans from various carriers.