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What is the Vault?

Welcome to the Giardini Medicare VAULT. Your place for Medicare help!  We don’t have to tell you that Medicare can be incredibly confusing and frustrating to try and navigate. So, we’re here to make the journey less stressful for you and your family. 


The Vault is only one of the resources that we share with you. Our premier resource is our team of advisors that can get you set up with the right products at the right time. They guide you through the entire process - Do you need to sign up for Medicare?  How do you do that? What comes next? The questions seem endless.


If you’re a client of Giardini Medicare's, you already have learned much of what is in the vault but please share with colleagues, family and friends. And, refer back to it as your refresher course!


New to Giardini Medicare? Please enter your name, email address and date of birth in the pop up menu so that you can be added to our monthly educational pieces that we create.


So, start making Medicare easier on yourself - take a tour around the Vault.


And, again, please share with friends, family, financial advisors, CPAs and everyone else that needs to learn more about Medicare! (which we can tell you firsthand is a lot, lot of people!)

Happy learning!